2023 Cranberry League Champions

The Braintree White Sox won their 7th consecutive CBL title by beating Canton 3-0.  Ryan Sorgi got the big hit for Braintree driving in 2 runs in the bottom of the 6th to break the deadlock.  Chase Cahill was the star of the game as he pitched the complete game shutout for Braintree.

2023 Cranberry League Playoffs RESULTS


Braintree beats Canton 3-0 for the CBL championship. 


Canton beat Mass Hurricanes while Braintree eliminated South Coast.


#1 Braintree remained undefeated as they beat #3 Canton.


#2 Mass Hurricanes beat #6 Northeast Lions.    #2 Mass Hurricanes beat #4 Hock Valley.

#3 Canton beat #7 South Coast.   #7 South Coast beat #5 Acushnet.

THURSDAY, JULY 27 Braintree beat Hock Valley 6-4.

TUESDAY, JULY 25 - Acushnet beat Scituate 3-0.  All other games were rained out.  Makeup schedules above.

Sunday, July 23 the CBL Playoffs started with the following results:  #1 Braintree beat #8 5-4 in 8 innings.  #7 South Coast beat #2 Mass Hurricanes 3-2.  #3 Canton beat #6 Northeast Lions 9-1 and #4 Hock Valley beat #5 Acushnet 5-0.

2023 Cranberry League Regular Season AWARDS

Player of the Year Co-Pitcher of the Year Co-Pitcher of the Year Rookie of the Year Manager of the Year
Ryan Douglas
Hock Valley Panthers
Chase Cahill
Braintree White Sox
Jack Haynes
Canton A's
Reece Rappoli
Braintree White Sox
Lucas Carr
Canton A's

Standings - 3 point games

In order to deal with volume of games to be made-up, teams are playing 9 inning games which are worth 3 points.  Our system which tracks results cannot accomodate this, so below are games where the winning team has an additional point in the standings.

July 11 Braintree beat Rockland - add 1 additional point for Braintree in Standings.

July 13 South Coast beat Plymouth - add 1 additional point for South Coast in Standings.

July 17 Scituate beat Plymouth - add 1 additional point for Scituate in Standings

July 18 Mass Hurricanes beat Scituate - add 1 addtional point for Mass Hurricances in Standings.

July 18 Plymouth beat Rockland - add 1 additional point for Plymouth in Standins

July 18 Northeast Lions beat Canton - add 1 additional point for Northeast Lions

July 18 Hock Valley beat South Coast - add 1 additional point for Hock Valley.

July 18 Braintree beat Acushnet - add 1 additional point for Braintree.


The standings below have been modified to reflect the additional point for the above games.

Modified Standins 2023-07-14 9 am



Field requirements - non metal cleets

For all Cranberry League games played on Turf players should have an alternate to metal cleats.  This includes games at Mass. Maritime, Catholic Memorial, Libby Field, Scituate HS, and Monan Park (UMass-Boston/BC High).

Cranberry League now has an on-line store

Fans of the Cranberry League can now purchase official CBL gear:  CBL on-line store